Actually We Don’t Know Every Song Ever Written…

Actually, we don’t know every song ever written. We know that there are some bands roaming around who claim to know every song. The Guys would never make such bold proclamations.

However, if at least one of us has half a clue as to how a song goes, that’s usually good enough for the rest of us!

Game on!

Humble Pie

If you missed our last gig, we started out with a few George Benson tunes, took the way-back machine to some early Frampton and then served up a 3 Guys and My Dad sized portion of Humble Pie.

The Woodshed

We will be at Arko’s in Lexington this Saturday (12/8/18) ¬†for somewhat of an open door-rehearsal. We’re trying to not play any tunes we’ve ever played before. We seem to be at our best when we don’t know what we’re doing!

Birthday Celebrations at Arkos

We’ve got several birthdays to celebrate in December. Join us for the birthday festivities!

I’ll take an Ahi Tuna Tower and a Golden Monkey.