3 Guys and My Dad


In the beginning…

In the beginning it was all about having fun. Can I learn this song? Can I play that lick? Can I sing that line? Can I sound like Jimmy or Jeff or Jaco?

In the end, it should still be fun.

One thing is for certain, when these guys get together it is going to be fun! It is also going to be unique and different every time.

Ken, Wade and Richard have been playing together for well over a decade in a Rock ‘n Roll Christian band every Sunday morning. Ken and Jim have been a major part of Elliott & The Untouchables, a successful, local blues band. We’ve all been playing gigs with a bunch of different people for years, even decades. But when the guys come together, there is a unique musical conversation that goes on. We all have different backgrounds, but there is plenty of common ground between us.

This is no cover band. We play the tunes we like, the way we like them. The fun way.

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